As many of you know, I am currently in La Serena, Chile. What you don’t know, is what is happening each day that we are here. Hopefully this blog is insightful and exciting for you! I am going to skip ahead to what we did yesterday and blog each evening from here on out when able.

Wednesday, June 21

This trip has been going so fast because each day has been packed FULL of amazing experiences. We’ve already visited the Observatorio Astronomico Andino (OAA) where they served us wine and showed us the jewelbox globular cluster, the Cerro Mayu Observatory (Cerro Mayu) where we learned about Chilean stories of the night sky, and the Gemini Telescope (Gemini) among others. Each of these locations have been a different kind of amazing. (The featured photo on this blog entry was taken by fellow ACEAP Ambassador and Astrophotographer, Derek Demeter at The Cerro Mayu Observatory.)

Yesterday, we heard from Maria-Rebeca, a local art teacher who has teamed up with our group, about how she is promoting science in her classroom. It is very easy to hear how passionate she is about inclusion and diversity when hearing her talk. After her presentation, we toured CTIO¬†and it’s many small/large telescopes. There were the TUMass and T80 telescopes just to name a couple. From there, we heard the following presentations from CTIO staff:

– The history and current status of CTIO
– Accessing and using NOAO-CTIO education and outreach resources.
– Current science and engineering projects at CTIO
– Future CTIO operations and programs in Chile (including science and EPO)

The clouds and wind rolled in with great force last night, so we heard an excellent presentation from  ACEAP Ambassador Astrophotographer, Ed Ting. He did a great job of breaking down astrophotography into three schools. I am so fortunate to be on this adventure with others who are passionate about unity and diversity. As an amateur astronomer, I am lucky to be surrounded by professionals who are willing to teach and guide others.

We are taking advantage of our first real downtime since we’ve set out on this adventure right now and we will be heading to the airport in about an hour and a half to fly from La Serena –> Calama and from there we will drive to San Pedro. If you have any questions about what I write or something we’ve seen, please leave comments and I’ll address them!

Until this evening. Stay Curious.



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